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By Abdallah Bakari,


As farmers cerebrate one year of implementation of kilimo kwanza, it has been established that 81 power-tillers out of 185 purchased by Mtwara District Council have not been given to farmers, instead are used in the “show yards” in District Council offices.

The survey made recently by this reporter at Masasi, Nanyumbu, Mtwara and Newala Districts here in Mtwara region has established the facts that Tandahimba district council is leading in holding more power-tillers of which 38 out of 50 are in hold.

The District Executive Director, Mr. Abdallah Njovu said only 12 power-tillers have been submitted to the farmers, however, the intention was to submit all 50 machines after the payment of 20 percent of the price by farmers’ groups or hamlets.

Newala District Council which purchased 50 power-tillers, only 30 have been taken by farmers while 20 remain on Council’s yard, while Masasi District Council holds 11 out of 21 power-tillers, and Nanyumbu has nine out of 21 purchased power-tillers.

Also, the survey established that Mtwara-Mikindani Municipality purchased only six power-tillers, in which only three have been taken by farmers and Mtwara Council which purchased 37 has succeeded to supply all power-tillers to their farmers.

The Mtwara District Executive Director, Mr. Mohamed Ngwalima said only effort enabled they to succeed the matter was to educate the farmers on the importance of using power-tillers on cultivating the land.

“We purchased these power-tillers as the implementation of the order given by Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, the aim was to make revolution on the use of mechanization, but farmers do not respond accordingly ... they suppose to contribute 20 percent of the price which was about 1.5 million” said Mr. Adoh Mapunda Nanyumbu’s District Executive Director.

Mtwara Mikindani Municipality Executive Director, Mr.  Sabin Silima said, farmers had poor response on taking power-tillers, however sensitized efforts were made.  

“New idea was the District Councils not to purchase power-tillers before an demand application from farmers who combined into a group or hamlet … the money used to purchase these power-tiller which are now here could be used to other areas” said Silima  

Some farmers said their poor response was caused by extremely poverty among farmers and asked Councils to provide them as loans.

“When you introduce new issue to some one you should be able to incur opportunity costs …, we, as farmers, need power-tillers but we don’t have money to contribute”,  said Aman Ismail, a farmer at Tandahimba District







This is good initiative. Ensure that

1- district authorities are more specific what they are going top do with the unsold tillers

2- you use terms like 'delivered' or 'supplied' instead of 'submitted' in ref to farmers taking possession of tillers from the authorities

3- can talk ro those who bought and they say how they managed, and what differecne it has made to their operations



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